How to beat ransomware: prevent, don’t react

Picture this: You’ve spent the last few weeks working on a tribute video for a friend’s 30th wedding anniversary. You collected photos and video clips and edited them together, laying over a soundtrack of their favorite songs. It was a real labor of love. When you finally finish the project, you go to copy the file onto a DVD and—what

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Google Docs App spam goes phishing

There’s a very clever phishing scam going around at the moment – originally thought to be targeting journalists given the sheer number of them mentioning it on their Twitter feeds, it’s also been slinging its way across unrelated mailboxes – from orgs to schools/campuses. This doesn’t mean it didn’t begin with a popped journo mailbox and spread its way out

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AVG Technolgy Announces Vast Improvements

AVG FREE + AVG Internet Security Unlimited: The Online Security You Need For 2017 For 2017, AVG Internet Security-Unlimited has a raft of new features that make it easier than ever to protect all your hardware from infection and malware attacks, and protect your whole family with advanced full protection for whatever you do online.   It’s got a nice new

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Mac security facts and fallacies

There are many Mac security myths circulating among users. So how can you tell if the advice you’re reading is fact or fallacy? Read on to find out! Fallacy: Macs don’t get viruses The idea that there are no viruses for the Mac goes back to the beginning of Mac OS X, at the very beginning of this millennium. Most

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